Behind the Scenes of Jesse Pujji's 8-Figure Exit

A Deep Dive into the Mind of a Million-Dollar Marketer


August 17, 2023

What up, Dealpreneurs!

I recently had the coolest chat with Jesse Pujji, where we discussed bootstrapping, knowing when to quit or pivot, exiting for millions, finding your purpose, the dichotomy between spending money & making money, as well as the finance vs. the psychology of marketing.

Jesse, who boasts over 170k followers on Twitter, serves as the CEO of Gateway X, a venture studio that zeroes in on direct-to-consumer brands. Before this, he co-founded and bootstrapped Ampush, a digital marketing firm that managed over $1 billion in media spend. He recently exited Ampush for a stellar 8-figure sum—truly, he's the real deal.

If you're intrigued by e-commerce, growth marketing, bootstrapping, or transformative leadership, this is one interview you won't want to miss. Give it a listen and let me know your thoughts!


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