Media Listings For Sale (Sep 20)

Discover the best media assets for sale.

Chandler Woodward

October 16, 2023

✌️ Welcome

Welcome to the 90 new people joining this week since our last episode. It has brought us to 6,522 readers!

More and more people are discovering the power of owning attention by acquiring media assets, and we are happy to welcome them to the club!

Today’s post we’ve got a newsletter bringing in both over 300K in profit, a MASSIVE media empire in the real estate agent space, and tons more.

Now that I have your attention, let’s move on.

🔥 The Audience-Building Shortcut

Finding an audience for your digital marketing efforts can be difficult.

Acquiring a media asset like a newsletter, Facebook group, or Instagram page can be an effective alternative to building your own or paying to advertise on someone else’s.

We’ve bought and monetized all kinds of media assets, from a Charlie Munger fan account on Twitter to a Facebook group for people interested in Mergers & Acquisitions.

Here’s our advice for businesses looking to buy an audience.

Why buy an audience?

Building an audience from scratch is time-consuming and expensive. You can skip that part of the process by buying a thriving asset — often affordably.

“Renting” an audience (e.g., paying for ads or promoting on a group) can be pricey and offers limited control; whereas, owning an audience gives you full control and free access to your members.

If your competitors are promoting on a Facebook group, becoming an owner allows you to ban all promotions other than your own.

It’s a two-for-one: You gain access to your customers and block out the competition (not an easy feat online).

The great thing about a media platform? It lets you build trust, community, and value for your customers, without even needing to advertise. All you have to do is engage.

Pick a channel

There are audiences all over the internet, so where’s the best place to start? We always say that rookies should go with the channel they’re most familiar with. But here are two of our favorites:

👬 Facebook groups: Inexpensive. Easy to manage. Often moderated by enthusiastic volunteers.

🤳 Instagram: Helps you get in front of a lot of people, fast. Easy to monetize through sponsored posts. Easy to shift followers over to a newsletter.

Kick the tires

📈 Find out how much engagement the asset is getting. If you’re buying a Facebook group, get the seller to do a screen recording that walks you through their Facebook Insights dashboard to make sure their stats are legit.

🖊️ Do a test post. Offer a prize or downloadable gift, or craft an engaging post asking members about their pain points, for a taste of the kind of engagement you’ll get.

😣 Avoid “buying a face.” An audience centered around a topic is a better investment than one centered around a person. Stan’s shark diving blog might be a dud asset if Stan becomes fish food.

Decide what it’s worth

Estimate the cost of building an audience from scratch. You can do this by running a few ads to work out what it would cost to acquire a new member.

If the media asset is already monetized, the value is probably roughly equivalent to the last 12 months’ profit.

Newsletters are usually more expensive. Right now we’re seeing newsletters with ~200k subscribers go for the equivalent of 3x the last 12 months’ profit. You’ll have to figure out operating costs (top notch writers like us don’t grow on trees).


There are many ways to monetize an audience.

👠 Use it to sell your products or services. We bought a Facebook group where we promoted an online course, and brought in $25k in the first three weeks.

📢 Charge for advertising and promotions.

🎙️ Charge a subscription fee if it’s a newsletter or podcast with high-value, original content.

You can also buy an audience to supplement another media asset. For example, we:

  • Bought an Instagram account for ~$2.5k
  • Offered followers a downloadable gift to subscribe to a newsletter
  • Generated 170 newsletter subscribers on Day 1
  • Gains 5-15 newsletter subscribers a day from that account

The best ready-made audiences are labors of love; they’re communities of people coming together to share a passion.

So whether it’s golf products, crypto tips, or IBS memes, an audience that fits your niche can be a very special opportunity.

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🔥 Top Listings Of The Week

🚀 Newsletter about the crypto investing world.

  • Read by 105k high net worth investors, industry professionals, and institutional allocators.
  • Open Rate: 44%
  • CTR: 2%
  • 413k TTM profit

Asking price: $1,100,000

Click here to view the listing & contact the founder

🚀 Entire Digital Media Empire in the Real Estate Agent Niche

  • Multiple digital assets included in sale
  • 2 IG accounts with over 200k followers (78% USA Based Agents)
  • Facebook Group with 25,000 members
  • Email list with over 5,000 agents
  • YouTube channel with 790 subscribers
  • Also a merch shop and entire suite of digital products that has done over $100k with 0 ad spend is included

Asking price: $75,000

Click here to view the listing & contact the founder

🚀 Instagram account reaching over 810k people in the wealth niche


Asking price: $1,500

Click here to view the listing & contact the founder

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