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February 13, 2023

Gday Mates! Here's what we have for you today:

  • Five Ways to Use Open AI to Your Advantage
  • Pirate Plunders
  • Off Market Booty
  • Pirate Principles - Why You Shouldn't Sell Your House to Your LLC
  • MediaAcquire and Traffic Takeover Pre-launch Waitlist

How to Use Open AI to Your Advantage 🤖 💰

Generative Open AI 🤖, like ChatGPT, is revolutionizing the business environment. What is it? This technology allows for the creation of original content by learning from existing use data and has potential power to revolutionize industries and transform the way companies operate 🤯 Some have compared this movement and potential disruption to the workplace to the industrial revolution 🚀🚀🚀

Investment in the Open AI space has increased dramatically📈as it becomes more accessible to consumers. In fact, Microsoft’s partnership has come to the tune of at least $1 billion💰invested already into OpenAI, and a reported further $10 billion investment 💵 commitment that values the San Francisco-based company at $29 billion. ChatGPT predicts at $1 billion in revenue by 2024 💪💥💰

The most recent development with generative Open AI can now exhibit some level of creativity🎨 They can produce original content in response to queries, drawing from data 🎭 they’ve ingested and interactions with users. They can develop blogs, sketch package designs and logos, write computer code, or even theorize on the reason for a production error 🤖🙌

Practically, this type of technology allows businesses to quickly and accurately respond to customer inquiries 🗣, provide personalized customer service 🤝, automate content creation, chatbots ✍️, draft emails, and document searching 🧐

Five Ways to Use Open AI to Your Advantage

(1) Generate original ideas and content 💡 - OpenAI is especially useful when asked to create ideas based on random factors (i.e. “create a funny title for a newsletter article with a pirate theme”)

(2) Prepare the first draft of a document ✍️- sometimes you get writers block and OpenAi can help push through it and use the AI generated draft to get you to the final product.

(3) Customer support 🕺- employees can use AI-powered chatbots for the "easy" customer issues and focus on complex support cases and marketing-related tasks

(4) Recruiting 🧐 - HR can use AI to read a job description in natural language and recommend top candidates based on the described qualifications.

(5) Date research 🤓 - Open AI can digest a larger volume of data quicker and more accurately that can assist businesses on making strategic decisions.

Traffic Takeover System

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The Traffic Takeover System is A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding, Negotiating, Closing, and Monetizing Facebook Groups, Blogs, Newsletters, YouTube Channels, Podcasts, and More!

Building media assets can take years to grow into a channel that you can make money from... Buying media assets can help supercharge the growth of your business in a matter of days.

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Website - ($35,000)- a 13-year old technology website focusing on sharing news, guides and tutorials related to Windows, Apple and Android (Flippa)

Linguistic Language Data Bank ($2,8000,000)- a linguistic software powerhouse serving their customers since 1990 and providing foreign language management solutions for personal and business use. The company owns a large amount of data and content for 215 languages (over 48,000 various linguistic database), and in-house developed technology for Machine Translation, Speech analysis and Speech recognition, Optical character recognition. (BizBuySell)

Healthcare and Fitness SaaS Company ($3,270,678)- This listing is for a SaaS business created in September 2020 in the health & fitness niche. The SaaS tool, written in React and Google Firebase, assists a specific type of professional in their daily client work. The business has experienced strong year-over-year growth in subscribers and requires minimal time to maintain.. (Empire Flippers)

Why You Shouldn't Sell Your House to Your LLC 🏡

You think that if you own your home 🏡, your creditors can go after it, but if you transfer it to your LLC — your creditors don’t know you own an LLC — they can’t go after the home.  Not so fast . . . 🛑

When you have a debt 😒 that creditors seek to collect on through a judgment ⚖️, the laws allow them to collect from any assets that are "exempt."  The most important of these exemptions is the Homestead Exemption 😎 — that is to say, the exemption that protects your home. Almost every state protects your home, up to some pre-determined dollar value, from being seized by creditors.  Texas and Florida are famously provide unlimited homestead exemption 😃 and the other states have a predetermined amount.

A person who owns their home is generally entitled to the homestead exemption 😀 A LLC, on the hand, is generally not entitled to a homestead exemption 😞 But how can the creditor satisfy your personal debt from a house that is owned by your LLC? 🤔

In most states, an LLC ownership interest is considered property of the owner, and like other property of its owner, it can be seized to pay off creditors ⚖️ Even worse, an LLC membership Interest usually isn’t subject to any exemptions except, in some circumstances. So, in sum if you own your LLC and your LLC owns your home, your creditor might simply take your LLC to get at your home.  You've been warned! 💥

"Turnkey" Medical Screening Company For Sale - an established medical screening company is looking for a buyer to take over its streamlined operation with long-term customer relationships. It specializes in performing onsite medical screening (heart disease, vascular disease, cancer, and COVID) for a wide variety of companies.  Preventive healthcare is a rapidly growing industry and this onsite screening provides a "win-win" proposition for any company looking to include an additional benefit for its employees at a reasonable cost.

Please contact or for further details. 

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