Trump Returns to Facebook and How to Deal with Bogus Reviews

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January 27, 2023

Gday Mates! Here's what we have for you today:

  • Trump is back on Facebook!
  • Top Ten Twitter Follows for Deal News
  • Pirate Plunders
  • Off Market Booty
  • How to Deal with Bad Online Reviews

Donald Trump is Out of Facebook Jail 🤨

Former President Donald Trump created Truth Social as personal platform that promised to bring truth and transparency to the world of social media in response to Facebook's ban from all of its platforms.  🛑 All in all, Trump's platform was designed to make him look good, while giving him the power to censor and silence his critics. In the end, it's just was another way for Trump to spread his agenda while he waited to return to Big Leagues of social media. 🚀

Well, he's back!!! 🤪 Facebook announced that Trump's two-year exile will come to an end.  Of course, Trump signed a "social media exclusivity term" with his own company, Truth Social, and he doesn't plan to re-up on that restriction especially with his newfound social media freedom. 🙌

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump's return to Facebook was met with a mix of reactions. 😯 😡 😃.  Some were excited to see the former president back on the platform, while others were cynical and joked about the potential for more controversial posts. Trump's return was also met with some witty comments, with many people pointing out the irony of the situation.

All in all, Trump's return to Facebook was a highly anticipated event that was met with a range of emotions and will likely shape a lot of the social media activity especially in advance of the 2024 Presidential election. 🇺🇸

Top Ten Twitter Follows for Deal News 

(1) @Michael Girdley 

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(3) SMBAcquistionAttorney

(4) @Raleigh Williams

(5) @Bruce Marks

(6) @The Deal

(7) @PitchBook Data

(8) @TheMiddleMarket

(9) @Inc.

(10) @Entrepreneur

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Bad Customer Reviews: Playbook for the Owner

You get three Google notifications regarding three customer reviews about your business and you’re eager to see some feedback.

The first review is from “Ken” who spends three paragraphs essentially saying that “you’re a bunch of crooks,” your company “provided the worst service this century,” and Ken’s only role in life seems to be to dissuade any future customers . . . all because Ken requested a refund with no receipt and refused store credit.  
The second review is from Karen, who very succinctly states: “Worst place ever. Never go back. Why is there no option for ZERO stars?!!!” You have no idea who Karen is and have no record of any recent negative experience.

The third review is from "Anonymous" who provides detailed false information that likely would only come from a former employer or competitor. 

What can you do and what should you do?

Before running to the local bulldog attorney and "throwing good money after bad", remember these few points:

(1) Angry People can Legally Express Opinions - As long as a review is not lying about a specific fact that can be proven as false, nut-jobs are entitled to their opinions.  If you know the customer, you could attempt to track them down and reach some sort of settlement in exchange for them agreeing to take down the negative review.

(2) Defamation / Libel / Slander ... What does it mean? -To establish defamation it must be (a) a false statement is made, (b) that is communicated to a third-party, (c) with some level of intent to publish the communications, (d) without a privilege, (e) that cause, in come cases, damages. Slander is a verbal communication, and libel is a written communication to a third-party.

(3) Lawyers Are Expensive and Can Make the Situation Worse - Hiring an attorney may only escalate the situation at a high cost.  In the examples, above, a company may look into seeing whether a local competitor or former employee is using "anonymous" false bad reviews illegally to impact the business.  Of course, you'll need to spend the $$$ to track them down and prove you've been harmed.

(4) You Can't Sue the Online Platforms - There are laws that protect the online platforms that host the reviews and are not responsible for the material posted by their users.

(5) Focus on the Positive Reviews and Respond Specifically and Professionally - Your audience is potential customers who will be looking to see how the company responds. Politely explain and respond based on specific facts and don't get emotional lose your cool.  Drown out the bad reviews with the good ones.

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